Essential Features

Kamchezreal, Virtual communities for Real Synergies


Synergistic solutions to high costs of goods and services, insecurity and unemployment. 

1. Retailing at Bulk Rates (RaBRates)

2. Virtual Transport Terminals (VTT) / Real Destinations (READS) 

3. Recorded and Transmittable Handshake (Real Meet)  

4. Alternative real regular income (Real Mentors)

5. Real Partnerships and Real Franchising 

Retailing at Bulk Rates (RaBRates)

Synergies that deliver to you every single privilege available in bulk purchasing, irrespective of your order quantity, and for almost all goods and services you'll ever need.


To avoid falling into wrong hands ( ONE CHANCE), find REAL KINS within your location and chosen criteria, whenever necessary.

Kamfollow is a feature that allows a user to turn on background location by clicking on the location privacy button. 

With Kamfollow, you can both see, and be  seen by other KINS for safe and secure engagements in every issue within the directory and distance you may set per time


Almost all the areas of interest have been pre arranged in REPOSITORIES for intentional navigation. This is to avoid distractions from unsolicited information.

Real Meet / Recorded Handshake

Security is both a personal and collective responsibility. Real Meet is an undeniable proof of your physical meeting or contact with persons or groups. In any event of unexpected loss of trace, your chosen next of kin will receive a notification of your undischarged Real Meet(s), after a set period within the day or night.

Real Request

Send or receive requests from Kamchezreal Kins on persons, professions, links, businesses, destinations, etc; that attract your interests.

Real Mentor

Create Real Regular Income by turning your loyal 4Fs to Mentees with your profile link


Real Destination (READ)

Virtual transport terminals for KINS in transit. Travellers to common destinations who may not necessarily know each other, are arranged to take advantage of synergies available to their routes.

Real-time System

Engage in active business conversations with colleagues and associates via real audio or video call in a real time mode.

Efficient Messaging

Send chat messages to both online and offline users in few clicks. Chat messages are active for both private and group chats.

Great Performance

Quality and efficient Kamchezreal community based services and operations are served remarkably without glitches or downtime.

Privacy Settings

Customize how your information is seen by other Kamchezreal users and only share what you want them to see.

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